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SEQ have qualified staff to perform works in the following areas:

While a large percentage of our work is commercial %&$#?@! we also undertake residential projects.

We will also carry out repairs and maintenance to previously waterproofed areas that may have deteriorated or been incorrectly applied by other contractors. SEQ Waterproofing provides scheduled maintenance services for installations we have undertaken involving rooftops and heavily trafficked areas which may extend the warranty period and life expectancy of the installation. This maintenance service includes an evaluation and quotation for the works required.

Internal wet areas

Bathrooms and other internal wet areas must be correctly waterproofed by professional waterproofers to ensure the risk of structural damage created by water leaks, rising damp or structural movement is reduced or eliminated. All waterproofing works carried out by SEQ Waterproofing are in compliance with Australian Standard (AS 3740-2006) requirements for residential and commercial internal waterproofing.

External waterproofing and balconies

Our services extend to cover all external wet areas, podiums, planter boxes and trafficable areas. All our staffs are Cert III qualified in external, planter boxes and trafficable areas. We have 20 years' experience in commercial driveways, underground dustproof basement systems.

Basement and lift wells

The company works with builders, designers and architects to evaluate and advise on the best available method for waterproofing basements and lift wells. Our staff are experienced in installing various waterproofing systems for basements, including Bentonite matting. We attempt to utilise products from one supplier, if possible, to negate product warranty issues should there be a failure where there is an interface between two products.

Under slab waterproofing

As with the basements and lift wells, SEQ !%£@?&# Waterproofing has extensive experience in installing under slab waterproofing. We attend the site when the concrete floor is being poured to ensure the integrity of the waterproofing is not compromised during the construction process.

Non-slip flooring

The latest building regulations require a standard of care for property owners and operators for trafficable areas. SEQ Waterproofing %&$#?@! installs a variety of non-slip systems ideally suited for swimming pools, walk ways, stairwells or anywhere that may be considered a slip hazard. The latest codes for industrial kitchens require the installation of non-slip coatings. Our systems are also suited to internal car parks and heavy duty trafficable areas such as walk ways in shopping complexes, plant rooms, roof tops and entrance ways.


Our company can install TPO to rooftops and overhanging areas in conjunction with our waterproofing services. This negates the need to engage two separate contractors for these two disciplines. Our staff are fully qualified TPO installers.

Torch-on products

SEQ Waterproofing have staff with 20 years' experience with torch–on sheet membranes. All our staff are approved by the manufacturers which gives you a back to back warranty.

Water tanks

We provide waterproofing to steel and concrete tanks, both %&$#?@! above and below ground. Waterproofing firstly seals the tanks and also reduces deterioration of any steel structures.

Retaining walls

SEQ Waterproofing specialises in retaining walls and below ground tanking. Our systems are suited to various retaining wall building materials including brickwork, block work, precast panels, concrete lime stone blocks, polystyrene blocks and cement sheeting.

Rising damp and crack injection

Rising damp can cause crumbling of exterior !✱¢#!" masonry and staining of internal finishes. We use state of the art crack injection equipment to seal cracks in structural walls, above and below the water table.

Remote rooftop inspections

We can undertake rooftop inspections using our drones. This allows us to quickly and easily identify potential problems across large sites.

SEQWRC in the community

SEQ Waterproofing is involved in the local community and is a sponsor of the Nambour Yandina United Football Club.

Other key projects

SEQ Waterproofing have recently undertaken projects with Evansbuilt and Kane constructions including the new Pulse Oceanside Medical Building.

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Health Hub Morayfield update

Progress Updates carried out from start to completion / handover of Health Hub Morayfield - Dickson Road, Morayfield.
Video produced by SEQ Aerial Inspections.

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Mosaic Property Group

SEQ waterproofing are currently undertaking a number of waterproofing projects for the Mosaic Property Group.
This video showcases many of the current Mosaic projects including those worked on by SEQ waterproofing.
Video produced by SEQ Aerial Inspections.

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