quality service using
quality products


SEQ Waterproofing have been trading for many years and have engaged, highly skilled employees and management that have been in the waterproofing industry for more than 15 years. We have brought together some of the industry's best applicators and formed associations with the industry's most respected suppliers.

Our priority is to provide quality service at a competitive price.

Why our approach works

The success of SEQ Waterproofing is due to the effectiveness of its operations and the abilities and professionalism of it's management and applicators. The company strives to complete its projects to a high standard to ensure our warranted services meet with our clients' expectations.

We have strong in-house project management and supervision capability to ensure a quality finished product is provided within budget and on time. The company can provide specialist advice on the best product for clients' application with cost effective alternatives using alternative materials, if requested.

Quoting and quality assurance

Not only do we have a skilled team we have thorough quoting and quality assurance procedures in place to ensure we fully understand your requirements before we start installation and to ensure the work we undertake is off the highest standard.

In our commercial quotes we provide fully marked up drawings and an estimating report to ensure nothing is missed and that our quotes are accurate. We provide a capability statement and our internal Quality Assurance process for each project so that our clients know exactly what will be undertaken and how. Our QA reports are backed up by an independent inspector who submits his reports on a weekly basis with SEQ reports. This is undertaken at no cost to the client.